Individualized health and well-being with Health Technology

The research group in Health Technology and Health Tech Lab offer services for the needs for health technology. Our operations are based on the digitalization of everyday life and the increase of technology in health care.

The research group works as an active expert partner for product developers in the field of health technology and helps to develop high-quality health technology products, simultaneously enabling the implementation of the solutions. The operations focus on the product development of medical devices in a strongly regulated operating environment, developing knowledge management by utilizing AI and data analytics, and the product development of technologies in different operational environments.

Health Tech Lab works as a testbed environment for health technology. In its operations we utilize e.g., sensory technology, virtual reality, machine learning and robotics. The lab works as a learning environment of Turku University of Applied Sciences, where students from the field of information and communications technology complete their studies. At the research lab, we develop digital services for health care and conduct product development of medical devices together with organizations and companies in the field of health care and social services.

Health Tech Lab

ICT City, B-wing, 3rd floor
Joukahaisenkatu 3, 20520 Turku

Health Tech Lab is a cooperation partner of the test and development platform TERTTU in the competence cluster Health Campus Turku. Do you need a partner for product development? Please contact us!