Learning environment

In health technology studies, the competence area of information and communications technology is combined with health care. The studies include user-oriented design, product development of medical devices, knowledge in the field of health care and designing information systems.

Health Tech Lab

At Health Tech Lab, students work in different projects, such as in product development and producing services. Cooperation with experts from other fields is typical. The practical work supports learning and students get to network already during the studies. Those who have spent longer in working life can complete a Master’s degree. The studies can be completed either in the standard degree programme or by working in the research group in health technology.

Practical training

There is a constant search for the Health Tech Lab interns and it is also possible to complete the internship in the middle of the semester. In the internship, you work on RDI projects or business assignments, for example in programming, testing and documentation.

The internship can also be done part-time in addition to the studies, and it is sometimes possible to tailor the content and scope of the internship to suit your own needs. Internships are unpaid, but at a later stage it may be possible to work on projects as a student assistant.

Contact: Juho Metsävuori


The research group offers students thesis opportunities. The theses can be independent commissions carried out for companies or public actors, or a part of a more extensive service carried out by the research group. Several product development projects of the research group also offer versatile thesis opportunities.

Contact: Teppo Saarenpää