An active expert partner for product developers

In addition to research activities, the services of the research group in Health Technology and the Health Tech Lab include support for and training in product development in the field of health technology. Developing health technology solutions is based in utilizing new technology. The staff conducts different tests at the product development stages, helps to implement test models with a fast schedule and assists in questions related to product validation.

Usability evaluation and testing services

The aim of usability evaluation and testing is to support companies’ product development work and produce increasingly better solutions for users. The products being developed can be physical products, computer software, websites or service processes. With usability it is described how easily and fluently the user of the product can achieve the target of their choice. When aspiring to a good user experience, usability has become an important product property.

Product development services

For companies and students, Health Tech Lab provides a versatile development environment suitable for product development and testing new ideas. The lab is located in Joukahaisenkatu, in connection with the other labs of the ICT unit. It is active in cooperating with the other operators of the competence area, providing product development partnership for product testing of user-oriented medical devices and research conducted with these devices.

Training and facilities

If a company needs to conduct individual or several tests, but lacks the facilities and equipment, the laboratory facilities with its equipment can be rented. In addition to the facility or equipment, the rent includes an expert, who is a member of the laboratory staff, and an introduction to the equipment. If necessary, companies may also rent a trainer or training in the theory classroom located next to the laboratory. The educational services are tailored according to the customer’s needs. Training is organized e.g. on the regulations of medical devices.


The services are priced on a case-by-case basis and depending on how the service is implemented. Ask for more information or request an offer!



Innovation voucher

The innovation voucher is an allowance worth EUR 5000 (+ VAT), which SMEs can apply from Business Finland. The innovation voucher is intended for SMEs which have a new product or service idea with international growth potential and for which the company needs external expertise. The innovation voucher aims to find new business opportunities for businesses to support business growth and encourage new businesses to innovate. For more information, see here.